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Plan your next family party:

Birthday Party
Graduation Party
Family Reunion
Block Party

In full color I draw 8 people an hour; in black and white 15-17/hour. It's fun and affordable, $130. For example, for a kids party with 15 or 16 kids, I'll draw everybody in 2 hours and in full color.

That's a wonderful party favor for about $8. So cool!

In my party drawings, adults tend to look…
sassy and sexy-because that's how they FEEL!
Start planning your party. We can go over the details,
its easy:






When I draw kids I'm kind, aiming for a likeness that's full of energy and I put in a lot of attitude because they like that. Totally awesome!

For adults, I go for the kind of humor that I hear all around me at this particular party. If they're hilarious, so are my drawings. If they're reserved and they dare me, hey, I can do that. I never offend. I'm there to make your guests happy.



Check out the Video link. You'll see how fast these drawings happen. You'll get an immediate sense of how this will work at your party.




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