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A Great Gift

A caricature is a great gift for a birthday, anniversary, retirement, appreciation...

A drawing of your face on your business card or stationary will make you ... unforgettable! It's easy and convenient.

Here's how it works:

1) You send me an email that describes your idea; copy TWO photos directly into the email text.

2) I'll email you the sketch of the face and you either approve it or …





… you make suggestions. Usually I nail it in the 1st or 2nd sketch.

3) When the face is perfect, I draw the body and all the stuff you want in this picture. Again, as soon as you approve,

4) I copy the drawing on my light table to make sure that the final drawing is exactly what you approved.

$70 for one, $130 for a couple on the same page. Takes a week. Works every time. A perfect gift!

You've just looked at a Thank You gift for an organizer of a sporting event, a humorous touch to a carefully planned proposal, a going away present for a college graduation and a lawyer. And below, a holiday card from events planners at the Marriott Hotel in Chicago.




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