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Trade Shows

If you are planning a trade show or convention, listen up! My caricatures at your booth will steal the show. You will have a crowd. People stand in line. If the line is too long at that moment, they come back the next morning----early. My drawings are fast and fun. I draw at the rate of 3-4 minutes per person. What I hear all around me is, hey, she’s good.

This is good for your business.

And it makes YOU LOOK GOOD!






Pre-printing the drawing paper with your logo helps promote your business. Remember, people will frame this picture and talk about it—and YOUR BUSINESS!

At $130/hr, that’s about $8 per hand-out, a pretty affordable gift to your future customers. With twenty-one years of professional experience, I can gage the humor to the business setting, make it appropriate, and profitable for you.



For extra punch, the paper I draw on can be preprinted with your logo and your message. I can also do art work for your display that ties in with your theme. I'm happy to work with you on the details. The humor, of course, has to be appropriate for the business setting. But as you can see from the last drawing, above, serious business men at a trade show can have special requests. All in good fun.


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